Traditional Krav Maga

The Krav Maga method is made up of two main parts:


Self Defense:

 This part includes structured exercises to protect against threats, attacks, sharp objects attacks, live weapons, bear hugs, chokes, kicks and punches etc. The exercises relate to a wide range of scenarios such as: standing, on the ground, sitting, while in a vehicle, hostages, and attacks on a third party. Generally the exercise is over as soon as the threat no longer existsstops. This can happen by either counter attack, neutralizingcontrolling your opponent or by getting away from the scene. The self defense exercises are based on simple, natural and basic movement which allows effective execution by anybody.


Face to Face Combat:

This part is made up of punches, kicks, and defending in motion. The goal of this section is to prepare the student for a conflict from both the physical and mental aspects. Face to face combat is more complex and can last relatively longer than self defense. Violent conflict usually starts when an effort to execute a self defense exercise develops into a fight.

 “Be modest” – Try to avoid conflict as much as you can. Control your mental state, so that it will not affect you during a threat or conflict. Be prepared accept criticism and guidance.

“Act to the best of your ability but act smartly”– Your physical and mental condition will determine your capability to confront you attacker. You need to maximize your ability and surroundings in order to fight your attacker in best way possible

“The simple way is the shortest and fastest way” – Strive for simplicity and effectiveness

“Minimum movement against maximum force”- Use minimum movement and energy in order to protect yourself. At the same time you must strive to respond to multiple threats with minimum movement.

“Don’t get hurt, but if you did continue fighting” – You need to reach a high self-defense level in order to avoid getting hurt. If you did get injured continue fighting even under the new circumstances.

“Achieve proficiency to avoid harming the attacker beyond necessity” – Strive for self control and be considerate to other people even during dangerous conflict. Use your knowledge as needed with common sense.